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About me

Antwoman is a highly versatile digital artist who specializes in a range of mediums, with a particular focus on motion art, animation, dynamic NFTs, and generative fine-art. With a background in interactive art and video art, she has showcased in exhibitions and art events worldwide.

Holding a BA in art and new media, Antwoman is currently in the final stages of completing her MA theses in Arts at Tel-Aviv University. Her creative inspiration knows no bounds, drawing from personal experiences as well as engaging with profound philosophical issues. Above all, she embraces experimentation, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression while embracing the joy of the creative process.


Since 2021, Antwoman has been an active participant in the NFT scene. She finds tremendous excitement in leveraging blockchain technology to forge an entirely new art medium. Through her dynamic works and exploration of randomness, she blurs the lines between artist and viewer, and art and technology.


In addition to her artistic endeavors, Antwoman actively engages with art communities, organizing metaverse exhibitions, writing art content, and hosting spaces. Her unwavering dedication lies in the promotion of art and fellow artists.

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