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Dawn of a new gaze
Generative fine art project exploring the female gaze through a mix of messages and symbols from the past to the present


Over 1.6M Unique Combo Counts


Dawn of a new gaze


Season 2 - 4 unique 1/1s.

Originaly the 4 legendary editions, and now 2 Listed for purchase



We Can Do It

Also known as “"Rosie the Riveter", This artwork is based on the famous WW2 poster designed by Artist J. Howard Miller. Its aim was to boost the morale of women workers during WW2, but it merged again in the 80’s as a feminist symbol. This image is one of the most known feminist Symbols.

Showcased at #WIT24 exhibition by WomenInTech and CreativeOwls


+ Live streamed on Times Sqaure during International Women's Day 2024



Ant With A Pearl Earring

This artwork is based on Vermeer’s famous painting “girl with a pearl earring”, where the artist portrays the maid looking at the viewer. In the history of modern art, the artist is always a man, and the woman is always the muse, the object of the gaze, never creating on her own. Never the one who gets the success and the fame.

I’m talking about the female gaze as it is today, as it is formed by my daughters.


NFT.NYC 2023 – community artists gallery

Women in Tech 2023 showcase. WIT museum, Spatial.


ETH Boston, April 2023 - Web3 conference at Boston University



Minnie Ant

Based on Minnie, one of the recognizable symbols of Disney and a model for little girls all over the world, she represents the social models that girls identify with from a young age and the messages they receive through them. 

I chose recognizable and very well-known female symbols. I’m talking about the female gaze as it is today, as it is formed by my daughters.

It still has a long way to go, but its changing. 


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QueenB Ant

This artwork is based on Beyonce. One of the most successful female performer and singer and a feminist icon.

As part of this project that explore the female gaze, I wanted to tribute Beyonce, as a woman that broke boundaries and gives strength and hope to many.


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F Cancer (2023) - Rebels with a Cause


A collaborative generative art project driven by the collective vision and creativity of 13 remarkable artists. The project raised funds for Let's F Cancer Charity,

and was SOLD OUT.

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