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The story of my NFT journey

I first heard about NFTs around March 21. I followed other creatives from my field of motion design and After Effects on Twitter, and this word kept coming up. When I looked into it, I was blown away. Having never even considered myself an artist (because that can only be a hobby), I realized there is an unprecedented opportunity for artists today. It is going to completely change the traditional art scene, especially digital art, which never gained full recognition as it should.



I started my journey knowing I wanted to try to sell my art. I had no idea that soon enough I'd find people who share the same love for art as me and the same enthusiasm for this new technological tool. Slowly I started finding more and more friends and communities, got involved in art and community projects and began investing and buying art.

My communities

NFT Goddesses

A community of women from all over the world aim to create supporting, empowering and safe community for women artists in the NFT space.

Artsies Collective

Women led web3 Art community. An online Art Hub where artists, creators, and collectors of all mediums experience collective growth.

Paladin Punks

Community and PFP project. V1 is modeled after real web3 women.

Women in Tech

Virtual Museum providing a platform for women in tech to network, learn, & showcase their work to a wider audience. Curated by @Vans_Cmkro. presenting artist in WIT2023 and WIT2024


Decentralized ecosystem for creators. Selected Genesis artist 


a global community dedicated to artist discovery in the evolving and growing world of digital art. 


Community of artists, builders and web3 experts coming togther to shine using our shared power as a group. 


Zine 2023

Zine 2024

twiter banner warhol.jpg


Unknown Mysteries of being a mom, NFT artist moms - An interview with NFTeve

The CareTakers Podcast interview 

ATTN Live - discussing art with dynamic NFTs with host Kaye Labay. NFT.NYC 2024

Charity and donation projects

Peace-Myr (2022) – NFTGoddesses initiavtive

A collection that was created with the hope to restore some peace and provide support to our brothers and sisters that are being affected by the Ukraine war. a 1/1 artwork collection created by various women members of the NFT Goddesses with the aim to raise funds to Ukraine. 100% of all the profits (including secondary sales royalties) where donated to Unchain Fund.


We managed to raise a total volume of about 9 ETH.

F Cancer (2023) - Rebels with a Cause

Rebels with a Cause - A groundbreaking generative art project driven by the collective vision and creativity of 13 remarkable artists. The project raised funds for Let's F Cancer Charity,

and was SOLD OUT.

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