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15 minutes
A Dynamic NFT that updates 4 times a day to reflect sunrise, day, sunset, night cycles.

A tribute to one of the most esteemed and important artists of the 20th century

- Andy Warhol. 
experimenting with the exciting new opportunities of the blockchain technology and breaking the boundaries between art and technology with a new and inspiring medium

1/1 SOLD (2022)

Be Loved

A Motion Artwork that was minted in a Dynamic process. 

During the creation process, the token was consistently updated through WIP (work in progress) videos. The final piece was then updated upon completion.

Minted on Antwoman's Smart contract with Manifold

Mother Nature Collab

To mark Women's History Month 2024, 10 women artists have come together to create a collaboration art piece inspired by Mother Nature.

This Dynamic NFT is updating with each artist's adiition to give our community the opportunity to be part of the creation process.


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