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Exhibitions & Art events

NFT Bali 2024: The Soul’s Palette Open Call powered by HUG. Superlative Gallery in Bali, Indonesia

NFC Lisbon 2024

ChromaFest, Bogota Design Festival, Columbia. 2024. 

NFT.NYC 2024 – community artists gallery + Speaker

Unfold Gallery - Moving exhibition during NFT.NYC 2024

NFTTalinn 2024 - Utopia Art Call 1/10 winners

Women In Tech 2024 LIVE STREAM on Times Sqaure. International Women's Day 2024

Women In Tech 2024 Showcase - Metaverse exhibition selected artist. by Women In Tech Museum and CreativeOwls. 

Zebu Live x LWLW3, London. 2023. 1/10 Open Call winners for Women in NFT ART.

Chroma Flora, Lisbon, 2023. Nature X Tech Hybrid Art Exhibition. Open Call winner with Muti and Artsies Collective.

Casa Nua, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2023. Showcased as an artist with ArtPacks season 1 - Genesis drop and Womanhood drop

Futurist Conference 2023 - NFT Galleries. Toronto, Canada's Largest Web3 event

Plastic futures​ - Mecenate fine art gallery + O-Mee, Rome, ITALY. 1/5 Open call winners. 9-5 May, 2023


NFT.NYC 2023 – community artists gallery – generative art

ETH Boston, April 2023 - Web3 conference at Boston University

Makersplace and Eyes of fashion Women in Web3 Breakfast Event, The Glass ceiling Nomad, NY, 2023. EOF community artists showcase

ARTCRUSHGALLERY Night and Day (100Screens) (2023) – Antwoman and the wheal was selected as 1/5 opencall winners to be presented on 100 screens all over Belgium

NFT Paris - Women & Non-binary digital artists & designers. Makersplace, Worldofwomen and EOF exhibition at NFT Factory Paris, 2022.

Women in Tech 2023 showcase. WIT museum, Spatial.

MXTconference 2023 – NFT curated exhibition held at Groningen, Netherlands.


NEPHEL'S DREAM 2023 – an exhibition and multi-art event, held at BOA, Lisobon


Web3 exhibitions held at Artsies metaverse gallery: Sep22 exhibition, STAMINA (2022), FLOW (2022)

100WomeninNFTs (2022) – a nonstop 24 Event held on twitter spaces with the mission to amplify emerging women & non-binary NFT artists from all over the world

The Line – a distraction free, limitless art experience designed by MintFace

The Mirror towers Ribbon Cutting event, 2021

Exhibitions production and curation:

Salon des Refuses (2022)- an ART exhibition dedicated to all the talented artists that didnt get to participate in NFT NYC 22. It demonstrate our believe that web3 is about exploring new possibilities, doing things on our own and in new ways, and also, having fun!

Exhibition accompanied by a twitter space showcasing the exhibiting artists


Linkedbyart  (2023) Curator, writer and producer of LinkedbyArt Metaverse exhibition. Connecting between artists from all over the world to talk about art as a bridge for discourse, openness and connection. Proudly presenting art and web3 ability to challenge the traditional concepts and promote connection and fellowship between people.

Mama (2024) COMING SOON

Panel talks

speaker panel.jpeg

NFT as a new art medium - Dynamic NFTs - NFT.NYC 2024

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